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Purchase Agreement of Hinemos Subscription

Last Updated: 2017/11/30

By using Hinemos Store (this Website) which is being operated by US Atomitech Inc. (our Company) or purchasing Hinemos Subscription, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the Hinemos Subscription Purchase Agreement (this Purchase Agreement) which is stipulated as follows.
Article 1 (Hinemos Store Service)
Our Company carries out the sale of Hinemos Subscription, etc. (Hinemos Store Service) to users through Hinemos Store. Details of Hinemos Store Service shall be stipulated in the Purchase Agreement and each corresponding page of this Website.
Article 2 (Details of Hinemos Subscription)
Information regarding the types, services, and prices of Hinemos Subscription shall be stipulated in each corresponding page of this Website.
Article 3 (Order Procedures and Conclusion of Agreement)
1. Sale agreement of Hinemos Subscription products shall be deemed to be concluded when our Company accepts an order procedure of a user by providing completion notice for order acceptance.
2. Order Procedure set forth in the previous section shall be made by entering necessary items in the predetermined web page.
3. Our Company may not accept an order when the payment is refused by a credit card company as the name of a user cannot be identified, etc. In this case, the order shall be invalid.
Article 4 (Application)
User shall make an application by electronic data or by email to complete the application procedure by acceptance completion notice, etc. in order to use the official website of Hinemos Subscription Service (Hinemos Website) or to receive information regarding updates, etc.
Article 5 (Payment)
1. User shall pay the specified purchase price of the product(s) on the corresponding page of the website by the method and due date determined by our Company.
2. Payment shall be made by credit card.
Article 6 (Payment Precautions)
1. User shall carry out payment for a product purchase price by observing the Terms of Use, etc. executed between the user and the payment settling company.
2. Of the payment method Stipulated in Section 2 of article 4, when the payment used by the user is refused by the payment settling company due to a given reason, the corresponding payment method shall not be used.
3. When a dispute occurs between the user and the payment settling company, the matter shall be resolved by parties concerned and our Company shall not be involved in the matter at all.
4. When a change of information, etc. regarding the credit card occurs, the change procedure for registration content shall be made promptly.
5. Our Company shall not issue a receipt.
Article 7 (Products)
1. Our Company will notify the user of order acceptance completion by this Website and by email within 1 hour after properly completing payment procedure by credit card. Along with the above notice, our Company will also notify the user of information regarding the application procedure and the URL for product download.
2. Our Company will also notify the user of usage commencement after completion of the application procedure. Hinemos Website can be used as soon as usage commencement is informed.
Article 8 (Returns and Refunds)
When the user purchases a product through Hinemos Store Service, due to the nature of digital content and service, returns or refunds shall not be accepted. under any circumstances.
Article 9 (Cancellation of Order and Cancellation of Service)
1. Cancellation after order procedure due to user’s convenience shall not be made.
2. Our Company may cancel the Purchase Agreement without advance notice if the user applies to one of following items.
(1) When a misstatement is found in user registration information
(2) When a payment for a product is not made
(3) When a product ordered is a discontinued item
(4) When a misrepresentation of the product price is occurred due to a reasonable ground
(5) When the user violates the Terms of Use for Hinemos Subscription Service or the Purchase Agreement
(6) Or when our Company determines it necessary due to a reasonable ground
Article 10 (Agreement period)
1. The agreement period of this agreement shall be from the effective date of the Purchase Agreement until the date specified when a product is purchased at Hinemos Store.
2. When renewing the Agreement, the agreement period shall be stipulated by using the period specified during the purchase which is effective from the following date of expiration date stipulated in the above section 1.
Other terms regarding renewal shall be in compliance with the Terms of Use for Hinemos Subscription Service.
Article 11 (Other License)
The intellectual property rights regarding products sold through Hinemos Store Service belong to a third party who owns the copyrights and all other valid rights of the products. When the user uses a product purchased through Hinemos Store Service, it is necessary to agree with the Terms of Use stipulated by NTT Data Intellilink Corporation who is a provider of Hinemos Subscription Service. Our Company and Hinemos Store Service have no relation to the License for Hinemos Subscription.
Article 12 (Product Warranty and Support)
Technical support for products which the user purchased through Hinemos Store Service shall be provided to the user based on the warranty contents of Hinemos Subscription. Hinemos Store Service shall not be responsible for warranty or technical support for the products.
Article 13 (Copyrights, etc.)
1. Intellectual property rights including copyrights, trademark rights, knowhow, etc. regarding text, figures, designs, images and graphics, etc. indicated on the Hinemos Store Service website (collectively Documents) belong to our Company or a third party which licensed its usage to our Company.
2. User may not download, upload, reproduce, modify, translate or transfer, etc. the Documents except when expressly permitted on the Hinemos Store Service Website.